Tama 38/2 – Demolition and Reconstruction

“Rotem Shani provided the most attractive and serious offer, and the homeowners voted unanimously to move forward with them, and we weren’t wrong! They’re going to demolish four buildings and build two buildings with six stories each. We began this process three years ago, and I think it’s a record. The neighboring building started a similar process in 2014 – and look where they are.”

Itzik Kessler, one of the land owners at the Rachel Compound in Givatayim

Tama 38/2 - Demolition and Reconstruction

Our company has successfully led urban renewal projects since 1998, years before Tama 38 came into effect. Since then we’ve been able to plan and manifest a new vision that stretches beyond the rooms of the home, to the entire building and the surrounding urban neighborhood.
The trust and satisfaction expressed by our hundreds of partners in the various projects, as well as those of our clients in the new apartments, are testimony to our success.
Our proven and accumulated experience over many years in all types of urban renewal, along with our financial durability, enable us to promote a significant number of simultaneous projects, and guarantee your peace of mind and confidence in every step of the way – from our first meeting and until you enter your new apartment.
Our success is based on our profound knowledge of local planning guidelines, our ability to plan and design creatively, our flexibility and financial and business durability – and all these work to ensure the optimal completion of all our projects while maintaining uncompromising quality of construction, finishing, and deadlines for handover.


 Hagdud Ha’Ivri Raanana, 1990


 Hagdud Ha’Ivri Raanana

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Laying of cornerstone - Rachel, Givatayim

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Laying of cornerstone - We R רעננה


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