Neve Kfir
Tel Aviv

A new planning and community vision for Neve Kfir

The Neve Kefir neighborhood is an example of local Israeli architecture which upholds community life and dedicates the required space for them. When the Tel Aviv Municipality consolidates its policy on urban renewal in the neighborhood, it determined that these architectural values should be retained, while granting them an updated interpretation.

In recent years the neighobhrood has become a focus of attraction for young and successful Tel Avivi families who wish to continue living in the city, and who grant it a new community spirit.
Those young families will find a new transportation vision in the form of the Light Rail’s Purple Line, which will connect them to central Tel Aviv, the entire Dan area, and the Sharon.

Rotem Shani’s new project (in collaboration with Peles) endows a new architectural interpretation of community life in this compound, and instead of an old building with 7 entrances and 56 apartments, we will build 4 buildings with 8-12 stories and 280 apartments. 

The unique plan we have for the compound, along with uncompromising standards that provide a holistic and precise vision, including studio apartments as well as 2-to-5-bedroom apartments, each with a sun balcony, underground parking and a bomb shelter.
Rotem Shani and Peles have chosen to carry on the tradition of community in the neighborhood, while providing a new infrastructure in the form of a modern community space which is at the heart of the project.

Moshe Dayan 26-32 and Mikraey Kadesh 13-19, Tel Aviv

Neve Kfir
Tel Aviv

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