20 De Haz
Tel Aviv

Renewing Tel Aviv

The building is located in one of the unique streets of Tel Aviv, which on the one hand is in the heart of the Tel Aviv scene and on the other hand is in a quiet and pleasant street.
Due to the building’s data, the tenants were unable to find a company that would provide them with a new building and apartments and an underground parking lot.
Rotem Shani Ella approached the project with a unique approach based on unique planning and execution capabilities and offered the tenants a project based on TMA 38/1 (reinforcement) due to the company’s capabilities. demolition and construction):
*Evacuation of apartments for most of the period of the works fully financed by the company.
* Complete renovation of the apartments with luxurious and unusual specifications.
* Underground parking (non-mechanical) under the existing building.
* Complete renovation of all common areas and complete replacement of all peripheral and internal infrastructure of the building.
While in other TMA 38/1 projects tenants are forced to content themselves with renewing facades and common areas, with Rotem Two these apartment owners return to a completely new building that does not fall below the level of planning and execution of a new building.

דה האז 20 , תל אביב

De Haz St.
Tel Aviv

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