At Rotem Shani, we find it extremely important to offer equal services to everyone and to improve the services provided to people with disabilities. With this in mind and in compliance with the Disability Law of 1998 and its underlying regulations, our company makes continuous efforts and dedicates the right resources to adjust and adapt our services and make them accessible to all – in a manner that is equal and independent.
These adjustments were carried out in compliance with accessibility laws and in collaboration with our company’s accessibility consultants.

Accessible customer hotline – Our company’s voicemail has been adapted for language and clarity and its information is clear and concise.
• Training – All employees and staff undergo mandatory training to provide a customer service experience that is equal to all, including disabled persons.
• Additional means of contact – Our customer service can be contacted on our Contact Page or by email at

Making our Sales Offices Accessible
Rotem Shani is promoting the accessibility of its national sales offices to offer services to everyone, including persons with disabilities. Sales office hours are by appointment only.
Ra’anana Sales Office: 135 Ahuza St., Ra’anana | *3026 – Wheelchair accessible
Netanya Sales Office (inside King Solomon Hotel Netanya): 18 Hama’apilim St., Netanya | *3378 – Wheelchair accessible, with ramp, elevator, and assigned parking
Head Office, Kibbutz Glil Yam, Herzliya – 09-9579577 | Not open to the public

Website Accessibility
Information on Website Accessibility
Rotem Shani’s website meets the requirements of the Regulations for Equality for Persons with Disabilities (Adjustment of Services for Accessibility) 2013.
Accessibility adjustments were done in accordance with the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (ISR 5568) for Web Content Accessibility and conforms with W3C standard WCAG2.1 level AA.
Accordingly, the website’s menu enables rich internet applications (ARIA) to ensure that users can access content and services through screen readers.

Accessibility Profiles Supported by the Website
Safe for Epilepsy Profile: This profile allows persons with epilepsy to reduce risk of seizures as a result of flickering animation or hazardous color combinations.
Visually Impaired Profile: This profile adapts the website to be accessible to the majority of the visually impaired.
Cognitive Impairment Profile: This profile provides various features to make it easier for users to focus on the critical elements.
ADHD-Friendly Profile: This profile minimizes distraction and noise on the website.
Screen-Reader Profile: This profile adjusts the site to comply with screen readers such as VoiceOver, Jaws, and TalkBack.
Keyboard Navigation Profile (for persons with impaired motor skills): This profile enables operation of the website by using the keyboard tab, Shift+TAB, and Enter. Users may also use shortcuts such as “M” (menus), “H” (headers), “F” (forms”), B (“buttons”), and “G” (graphics) to skip to relevant elements.

Additional adjustments of User Interface
• Font adjustment: Users can increase and decrease font size, adjust spaces, alignment, height, and more.
• Color adjustment: Users may select various color contrast profiles such as: dark/light. In addition, users may also choose to replace color palettes for headers, text, and backgrounds.
• Animations: Users with epilepsy may stop all working animations, and animations controlled by the interface, including video segments, GIFs and flickering CSS inserts.
• Content emphasis: Users may choose to highlight critical elements such as links and headers, and also to highlight hovering or targeted elements only.
• Muting sound: This option enables users to mute the website.
• Cognitive impairment assistance: We use search engine linked to Wikipedia and Wiktionary to allow definition of phrases, acronyms, etc.
• Additional functions: Cursor size and color may be adjusted, virtual keyboard and print layout available.
• Assistive technology and browser compliance: This website supports all major browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, JAWS and NVDA.
Let us know how we can improve accessibility
As part of our commitment to allow everyone, including persons with disabilities, to enjoy the most accessible service, we continue to improve our accessibility adaptations and adjustments.
If you’ve encountered any accessibility issue, please let us know, and we will make every effort to correct the matter and find a suitable solution as soon as possible.

Accessibility Officer
Our Accessibility Officer is at your service to provide information and assistance on all relevant matters.
Mr. Avi Nakash


Fax: 9579577

This Accessibility Statement was updated on January 8, 2023.