Brandeis Raanana

Private neighborhood at the heart of town

Rotem Shani Brandeis Raanana is an innovative and prestigious residential complex at the heart of the city, spanning an area of 6 dunams, with 5 buildings surrounding a 1000 square meter park.

Lotan Architecture is responsible for the design, and the interior spaces were optimized and designed by the interior design firm of Liora Niv Fromchenko and Studio XS, which specialize in the optimization of residential spaces.

We came to the Brandeis compound after many other leading enterprise contractors gave up due to the many challenges it posed. Thanks to our perseverance and determination, we coped with the complexity and completed an unprecedented project that was sold successfully, leading to a unique relationship with our homeowners, who have since become our excellent ambassadors.


The Apartments

The apartments in the project were optimally designed, with an emphasis on the best use of the living space while addressing the needs of different target audiences: young couples, families with teenaged children and “empty-nesters”, with a wide variety of living patterns.


Garden apartments


3-5 room apartments


Mini penthouses



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Arnon Gross - "make your dreams come true" - Brandeis, Ra'anana

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Handing apartment to a landowner - Brandeis Project, Raanana

Brandeis complex, Raanana a bird's eye view

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Construction Progress - Brandeis complex, Raanana

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Laying of cornerstone - Brandeis complex, Raanana


A new residential neighborhood at the heart of the city, offering a quality of life that is manifested in a quiet, well-groomed environment with proximity to everything that is important to be close to – like shopping centers, the best schools, cafes, and cultural and community centers.

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