Renewing Givatayim for 20 years

A residential compound that provides its residents with the best of both worlds: living in a green pastoral area, and enjoying the urban experience of living on the top of Rambam Hill.

The excellent planning by Mann Shinar Architects and Planners led to a unique living experience: at the heart of the project is a main boulevard that connects the three buildings, providing an atmosphere of privacy and serenity for its residents.

The project’s apartments were designed to increase the sense of privacy through reduction of shared walls, so that the apartments receive fresh air from three or four directions.

Hahagana Givatayim a bird's eye view

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ההגנה 56-60, גבעתיים

Rambam Hill
56-60 Hahagana St., Givatayim

חדשות ואירועים

Additional Projects by Rotem Shani