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הפרויקטים שלנו מייצרים שינוי מהותי בחיי לקוחותינו, ומאפשרים להם להגשים את החלום והחזון האישי והמשפחתי שלהם.
אנו שואפים להעניק לכם חווית לקוח איכותית ושירות זמין, אמין ומקצועי לאורך כל הדרך.

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Our company is represented by Erdinast, Ben Nathan, Toledano and Co., with
Hamburger Evron, who provide service to our homeowners. To read details
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Of course! We update you in the following stages:

  • If, upon signing the sale contract, you did not receive a voucher booklet for payment of installments, we will notify you so you can collect them.
  • After payment of each installment, we will contact you to collect the bank guarantee that was issued for that payment, from the company offices.
  • When it’s time to design and plan your apartment (see details in question 5).
  • “Initial Handover Protocol” – Before handing over the apartment, you will be invited by a representative of the contractor to a meeting at the apartment, to inspect and see whether there are any issues that need to be resolved before the final handover. Please note that the contractor is obligated to hand over the apartment when it is suitable for use and all of its substantial systems are in working order.
  • Upon receiving form 4 (“Tofes 4”), we will notify you and ask you to order an electricity meter from the Israel Electric Company, and wait for a call from the contractor’s representative to arrange a date for handover.
  • In the final stage, the contractor’s representative will invite you to receive the apartment. You are entitled to bring an engineering inspector to this final handover, but this should be arranged with the contractor. Upon handover, there will be an orderly handover protocol, and you will be provided with all contact details for the service providers involved in your apartment.

Because construction is a lengthy process, there may be changes in the construction material prices. This is why future payments are linked to the Building Inputs Index in accordance with the sale contract. You will be able to see the differences to be paid in the residents’ portal. Please note that you cannot see the future calculation for all installations, only the ones closest to payment.

Our Finance Department may be contacted through emails:

Lana –

In urgent cases, you may call the company offices at 09-9579577

The contractor’s representative will contact you to invite you to an individual meeting. In this meeting, you will be presented with all options for changes in the apartment, and the cost of any change or upgrade you wish to make on the standard specifications. Please note that all engagements in relation to upgrades or changes are via a separate contract with the construction contractor (and not part of the contract you have signed with Rotem Shani).

By law, in projects accompanied by a bank, all installments are to be paid through the voucher booklet only. Advance payments are subjected to the discretion of the company and are based on your contract with the company.

The contract was given to you upon signing or soon thereafter. Please note that Appendix A, which outlines payments, is an integral part of the contract. For your convenience, we will make an effort to upload most of the documents to the resident’s file in the portal to enable you easy access to them. Please note that a request to upload legal documents will not be fulfilled immediately, but within 48 hours.

Before handing over the building, when the parking lots and storerooms are fully erected, we will contact you to choose these elements to which you are entitled by contract.

Any flaw that does not allow reasonable use of the apartment will be repaired immediately. Flaws and faults that allow reasonable use will be fixed as soon as possible, and in any case before the termination of the inspection period.

You may contact us in writing at any time by email:

For urgent matters you may also contact our offices during business hours at 09-9579577